Sunday, January 19, 2014

Movie Spotlight: Persuasion (2007)

This is my first post for the Jane Austen Review Challenge hosted by Miss Bennet at Classic Ramblings.

For the most part my favorite Jane Austen film tends be the one I last viewed (except, of course, in the case of it being an Unforgivably Repulsive Version). However, this Persuasion is certainly in my top three favorites. Possibly even the very first, excepting the S&S '95/'08 (I always count those as one film :) ). So now that we have that important disclaimer written concerning my view on this film, we will proceed forth to the logistics.

Though this Persuasion does take a few liberties with the story I think it stays very faithful to the tone of Miss Austen's work. And as for the little bits that the filmmakers add, I think they transcribe some of those feelings that are only told of in the novel–as well as being the type of “story moments” that make you grip the sides of your chair with excitement at either the sweetness or the tension of the scene. And that brings me to another reason why I love this film–it is simply so poignant. While all the costumes and scenery are very well done, they never detract from the story and it is the characters faces and personalities for which you remember the movie, though, to be sure, it is of great assistance that the characters are excellent.

The Characters: IMHO Sally Hawkins is the perfect Anne. She is not a stunning beauty, but I think the filmmakers made her less “pretty” on purpose. One begins to notice her expressions and eyes so much more than one might. Anne's looks are not meant to be her strong point, instead it is her character, her gentle ways, and the actions she performs that set her apart. And besides, my sister Heidi and I think that her beauty really does become more apparent on each viewing.

Rupert Penry-Jones is flawless as Captain Wentworth, in that his flaws are the flaws of Captain Wentworth and not that of his own performance. He shows how Captain Wentworth is hurt and angry, but how he can still not help but care for Anne. I love how he tends to gravitate toward Anne–not as if he is the Ghost of Resentful Suitor Past–but simply because, though quite unconscious of it himself, he feels pleasure in being near her.  Witness the scene where he picks her up after she falls off the log...*happy sigh*...I love that scene. He is also of the right age and appearance for Captain Wentworth.

All of the sub-characters are well done, however my favorite is Captain Harville. In the book he is–for the most part–a very minor character, but in this film you see more glimpses of his and Captain Wentworth's friendship–which is really neat–and as he is “there” for multiple characters, you get to see what an amazing man he is.  :)

Altogether this is a simply beautiful movie and I very highly recommend it!

Stars: 5 + / 5


  1. I've only seen the Persuasion version with Cirian Hinds and Amanda Root. I love it, but I would like to try this version some day! :)
    Haha, what versions fall into your Unforgivably Repulsive category?

    1. Natalie,
      *hem* We will leave that for the future to disclose! :) :) And I do hope you can see this one soon! It is very sweet. :)

    2. I'll wait for it expectantly! :)
      I'll look for it at the library! Thanks for recommending it! Have you seen the version I referenced? If so, what do you think of it?

    3. I have only seen the 95' "Persuasion" once, but I found it very interesting and memorable. :)

  2. I first saw Persuasion 1995 (before reading the novel, sacrilege :P), and I was in a Ciarán Hinds crush faze; I haven't seen it in (less biased) years. I prefer this version except the camera shots are obnoxious in their wobbliness and closeness! And we call this the awkward kiss version because the viewer is staring at Anne's mouth for so long (my sisters timed the time it took them to kiss as 36 seconds); one of my sisters said that he should have bent down a kissed her instead of making her bend down after running all over Bath for him. Yeah, we get really detailed in our comments. This version also has some hilarious parts "I don't know, but before he married Mary" (really, Einstein). ". . . one might say, providential." ". . . Before. He. Calls. Again," (emphasis on the intonation).

    1. Hello Livia Rachelle!
      I agree, Louisa’s line is hilarious. :)


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