Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Book Review: The Hidden Treasure of Glaston by Eleanore M. Jewett

 “Hugh groaned. 'The mob! I know well what that means! Jacques, we cannot face a mob gone wild again!' 
  At that moment a peasant appeared far down the road, running. He was shouting and, as he drew nearer, others joined him. 
  'Hue and cry!' he bellowed in a great voice that soon brought the village folk pouring in from the fields, down lanes, and out of byres and huts which but a moment before had seemed so still and lifeless.
  'Hue and cry! Hue and cry! 'Tis a criminal fleeing from justice!'
  The man at Hugh's side looked desperately at the oncoming crowd and seemed for the moment to freeze into inactivity.
  'Quick!' Hugh cried scrambling clumsily onto the high-wheeled cart. 'Quick! Climb in! We'll make Glaston before they can catch us! Sanctuary! You'll find sanctuary at the abbey!' 

                                                                                                -from The Hidden Treasure of Glaston 

Mixing legend, historical facts, boyish antics, and gentle humor–this is a book to relish. The characters are quick and alive and there are some wondrous descriptions of meadows and marshes in addition to the hallowed and peaceful atmosphere of the abbey. Pure superstition is kept to a minimum and the legend displayed really encourages you to open your eyes and see what a magical world is spinning about you. There are also some thrilling mentions of King Arthur and the Holy Grail–all most delightful if you, like me, love tales of Camelot and have a medieval-loving heart.

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